Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home for Life: Megan's story

Friends of Flicka sponsors a golden retriever named Megan at Home for Life Sanctuary. Here is her story from the Home for Life website.

Megan in the Fall of 2007 with animal care specialist Liz Zais.
Megan is a Golden Retriever who came to Home For Life® at age 1-and-1/2 through the Golden Retriever breed rescue and a local vet.
The breed rescue did not believe Megan could be placed as she had a bite history. However, the vet who evaluated Megan's temperament detected vestiges of a kind heart and great intelligence, and felt that Megan deserved another chance at her young age. Dr. Petra Mertens, a behaviorist at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Teaching Hospital, evaluated Megan at our request. Dr. Mertens felt that Megan was a dominant dog, but had a good heart.
It turned out that two previous owners had treated Megan very roughly and unfairly in trying to discipline her natural, youthful canine exuberance. Megan bit back in protest. Still another owner, at her third home, had been bitten during the course of play that got out of hand. While biting is never permissible behavior in dogs, it was still felt that Megan could be rehabilitated, and Home For Life® decided to give her a chance.
Fortunately, with gentle and consistent handling, as well as weekly obedience lessons with Jan Tomlinson of Canine Sports and Training, Megan learned novice-level obedience, and has become reliable for our staff to handle. She even participates in the Renaissance Program and was a great hit during the presentation at a nursing home.
Megan talks heart-to-heart with a visitor at the 2006 Poker Run for Paws event.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kodiak & Flicka

Kodiak & Flicka were golden retriever littermates who were lucky enough to be adopted together. They made the flight to their new home in carry-on bags and were a big hit with the other passengers.

They were delightful pups and quickly grew up, but their close brother/sister bond never changed

Kodiak was the bigger, handsome fellow with a gorgeous plume tail, a love for fun and attention.

Flicka was the more delicate girl; she was the smart one, but had to deal with some health issues including seizures and drugs to treat them for several years.

Kodiak and Flicka were lucky enough to have a home in the city near a lake where they could go for walks two and three times a day. On top of that they had a weekend place on a lake where they could run loose and go swimming and lounge in the sun.

As they grew older, they got white on their faces, but never lost their zest for life. Flicka broke many hearts when she died of cancer, but Kodiak carries on. He's now teaching the ropes to the new pup in the family.

Friends of Flicka was started in memory of Flicka and includes a special award named for Kodiak that is given to extra special volunteers.

It seems so right to improve the lives of other animals in recognition of these dogs who lived such good lives and brought such joy to those who knew them.

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